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    This page is to help retailers with whatever questions they might have about ordering Comic Foundry Magazine.

    The market already has comic magazines talking to the two very opposite ends of fandom, but no one is speaking to the wide and growing number of fans who find themselves somewhere in between. Comic Foundry is also different by approaching comics from a lifestyle perspective, with stories about how comics can influence your everyday life, through fashion, decorating, music, nightlife, and more. The magazine defies traditional stereotypes about comic book fans with a smart and stylish package designed to draw readers of every stripe into the fold, including the most coveted type ever — New readers!


    When does the magazine come out?
    It’s a quarterly magazine — We’ll be out in April, June, September and December

    What issues can I order now?
    Issue 2 is currently on newsstands and is available for re-orders: JAN084021
    And Issue 3 is available for pre-order in the April Previews: APR084254

    I sold out! How can I get some more?
    Easy — go through your Diamond rep.

    Um, I did that, but there’s some FILL IN THE BLANK issue.
    Shoot me an e-mail here and we can try to work something out.

    I just saw the new issue in Previews. Is that really the cover?

    Probably not. It’s a lot easier to assign an illustration months in advance, but it’s a bit more difficult to coordinate photoshoots so far out. So most of the time it’ll be the best representation we can come up with at the time.

    Um, you totally didn’t answer the question I had.
    Yikes! My bad. Please e-mail me here and I’ll get to answering.