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    Story Archive


    Before we were a full-color, bestselling magazine that woos and wows the world, we were an online magazine. We did weekly interviews, webisodes and recurring features. We’re revamping all the content and tried to find stories that were lost during a server switch, but this will be the place to find all the material. We’re adding more every day so check back.

    Neal Adams on how you can be a successful artist
    Fiona Avery waxes poetic on story structure
    Fiona Avery on launching a new publishing company
    Chris Bachalo talks about returning to Uncanny X-Men
    Jeff Barber on creating your own game
    Brian Michael Bendis on how to be a better writer
    Danny Bilson on his new series, The Flash: Fastest Man Alive
    Ivan Brandon talks with Andy MacDonald about their Image series, NYC Mech
    Andy Brase on doing Hulk covers
    Tony Caputo on the business of comics
    Ronée Garcia Bourgeois on the role of females in comics
    Ed Brubaker on his start on Uncanny X-Men
    Jason Burrows on what art school didn’t prepare him for
    Jim Calafiore on how to be a better comic artist
    Mike Carey on his new Constantine OGN
    Lilli Carre on her new book from Top Shelf, Woodsman Pete
    Mike Choi on Witchblade and Top Cow
    Clayton Crain on the new new Ghost Rider re-launch
    Paul DiMeo on his new series, The Flash: Fastest Man Alive
    Kieron Dwyer on his new book with Rick Remender, Night Mary
    Jay Faerber talks about his book, Noble Causes
    Tom Feister on the Ex Machina art team
    Seth Fisher on being a self-taught artist
    Mike Gold on Action Comics Weekly
    Grant Gould on doing Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars
    Devin Grayson on everything wrong with the comics industry. And writing too!
    Raven Gregory on his Image comic, The Gift
    Raven Gregory’s guide to breaking into comics
    Javier Grillo-Marxuach on his new Viper series, The Middle Man
    Mario Gully on his series, The Ant
    Tony Harris on the Ex Machina art team
    Allan Heinberg on his breakthrough debut series, Young Avengers
    Jonathan Hickman on his debut series, The Nightly News
    David Hollenbach talks about his new comic, Fragment
    David Hopkins on his new book, Emily Edison
    David Hopkins on his risky new series, Karma, Incc
    Charlie Huston chats with Doug Moench about Moon Knight
    Kevin Huizenga on his amazing book Ganges
    Jamal Igle on how to make it as a comic artist
    Klaus Janson gives the ultimate interview about inking
    James Jean on his great work as a cover artist
    K. Thor Jensen on his new book, Red Eye, Black Eye
    Geoff Johns on how to be a comics writer
    Antony Johnston answers your questions!
    James Kochalka on his new book, SuperF*ckers
    Tom Kurzanski on his risky new series, Karma, Inc
    Greg Land on his extensive career as a cover artist
    John Layman on writing, lettering and editing, oh my!
    A. David Lewis on Empty Chamber, his new book
    Aaron Lopresti Jonathan Luna on his new series, Girls
    Joshua Luna on his new series, Girls
    Andy MacDonald talks with Ivan Brandon about their Image series, NYC Mech
    Tom Marvelli on Marvel’s logo design
    Steve McNiven on the Marvel blockbuster, Civil War
    JD Mettler on the Ex Machina art team
    Takeshi Miyazawa on his guest spot on Runaways
    Doug Moench talks with Charlie Huston about Moon Knight
    B. Clay Moore on writing his Image series, Hawaiian Dick
    Terry Moore on his self-published hit series, Strangers in Paradise
    Rags Morales on Countdown to Infinite Crisis and Wonder Woman
    Mike Norton talks about drawing his new series, Gravity
    Patton Oswalt on comics
    Joe Quesada gives insight to his duties as Editor of Marvel Comics
    Aaron Renier on his new book from Top Shelf, Spiral Bound
    Jamie S. Rich on his new graphic novel, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her
    Brock Rizy talks about his art duties on his new book, Emily Edison
    Diana Schutz on being a top comics editor
    Koren Shadmi on his SVA anthology book, Critical Citadel
    Dash Shaw on his upcoming book, Godess Head
    Mark Siegel talks the firsts and seconds of First Second Books
    Aubrey Sitterson talks about his first year at Marvel Comics
    Rick Spears on self-publishing your own book
    Tom Spurgeon on how to critique comics
    Nick Stakal on his IDW series, Containment
    Kazmir Strzepek on his hit book, Mourning Star
    James Strum talks about opening the Center for Cartoon Studies
    Arthur Suydam on his painting procedures for Marvel Zombies
    Ben Templesmith on Singularity, his gorgeous new book
    Adrian Tomine offers some advice on how to make it in the comics industry
    Brian K. Vaughan on his OGN hit, Pride of Baghdad
    Robert Venditti on the launch of his debut book, The Surrogates
    Stephen Wacker talks about how he edits 52
    Brett Weldele on his Southland Tales work
    Gene Yang on his breakout book, American Born Chinese

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