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    Member of the Week: Peter Rogers


    As told to Comic Foundry…
    As a boy British writer Peter Rogers spent half his time writing stories, and the other half reading comics. But it wasn’t until much later that he put his two passions together. His comics’ obsession began with sports anthology “Tiger,” ( and in no time at all, all his pocket money was being spent solely on comics. The UK Marvel reprints, particularly “Secret Wars” and “GI Joe” (lamely renamed “Action Force” in the UK), lead the young fan to decide he had to work in comics. Not realising you could get in as a writer, he decided to become an artist! Armed with a copy of “How to draw comics the Marvel Way” he set to work, and it was soon evident that he couldn’t draw if his life depended on it. Thankfully it didn’t.

    By the late ‘90s, after a couple of years of abstinence, he began refuelling his hunger for graphic storytelling with a diverse mix of mainstream and independent comics from both sides of the Atlantic. He also spent a small fortune on must have graphic novels, and his highness Alan Moore and “Preacher” were soon the new black. He also took a number of screenwriting courses, but found writing for the big screen unfulfilling. With so many ideas in one small head, once one script was started he wanted to work on another instead. Then the penny dropped, write comics you fool.

    After a couple of years learning his craft, spending every spare moment either writing or dissecting the work of others, his first breakthrough came in 2004 when he won the UK Comics Festival Writer’s Pitching Session. His idea “Footsteps,” about a hitman who may or may not be being haunted by his dead daughter, was the most popular with both the crowd and a panel of industry experts including “Batman” Editor Bob Schreck and “Lying in the Gutters” columnist, and “Holed Up” writer Rich Johnston.

    Eigtheen months later, and “Footsteps” (working title) has found a home with UK comics collective Engine Comics (, it is due to be published as a one shot in 2006. He has also been writing comic reviews for Issue 5 of Redeye magazine (, his short story “Brothers in Arms” is due to appear in End is Nigh magazine ( and he has other short stories under consideration for anthologies in Britain and the US.

    Comic Foundry has been an invaluable resource for Peter, and along with other web resources has been the perfect place to meet potential artists. At 31 he knows becoming a full time comics professional is unlikely, but he’d love to write for 2000AD, one of the Marvel titles he grew up with, the new look GI Joe or even a revived version of Tiger’s wrestling hero Johnny Cougar! But in an ideal world he would be signed up by the likes of Vertigo or Dark Horse tomorrow for his own creator-owned series. He can but dream. Find out more about Peter and his work at

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    Posted by Tim Leong on October 3rd, 2005 filed in Story Archive |

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