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    Member of the Week: Jeff Elden



    As told to Comic Foundry…
    I find this great honor of Member of the Week to be fairly unsettling to my stomach. I’m an elementary educator by training and a social worker by profession. Cartooning has only been, for me, a simple and enjoyable hobby. And, until recently, my doodling has remained private in my sketchbooks and the margins of my Mead notebooks at school. Let’s get this straight, I have NO formal training in art, just a few high school classes. I’m self-taught. I’ve drawn cartoons my whole life, even dreamt of being a pro cartoonist, but never took it more serious then that. So my nerves are a bit on edge with the prospect that this hobby is beginning to turn into a little something more.
    I have to give most of the credit for my style to the classics…the funny papers. The fascination with comics started when I was young and discovered that cartoons were being delivered to my doorstep for free every morning in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. I devoured the daily strips, never missing a day, reading all of them from Mark Trail to Hagar the Horrible. Naturally this combined with my interest in drawing, and I began to imitate many of the artist like Bill Watterson, Gary Larson, Bill Amend and Chris Brown, to name a few. I’ve never stopped watching the funnies and over time they have given me my sense of humor, understanding of pacing in a comic, and love of exciting and different characters. The rest of the credit will have to be split between alternative and independent comics, my family, children’s books, billboards, video games, the kids I’ve worked with and their amazing art, ska music, cereal boxes and a childhood that left my imagination just a bit…off.

    Since my journey into the world of published cartooning has begun I have help to start a mini-comic with Matt Leong called Exit 126 which you can learn more about at More of my comics can be found at where the show’s host, Scott Hinze, has been kind enough to let my sick humor toy with him and his colleagues. And I am taking part in an online jam comic called The Bullet Angelica that can be found at Look out for that Amy Angel, she may pop up somewhere else. For now check me out there and email me at with your thoughts, criticism, or if you just want to talk.

    I am also starting a traveling sketchbook. Here’s how it works: I bought a sketchbook, I drew the first page of a story, then I mailed it to someone in another state to draw the second page, they e-mailed me when they were finished and I gave them the next address to mail it to for the third page. When the third page was finished they e-mailed me and I gave them the next address the book was headed to, and so it goes. The book is up to five pages and I’m looking for more contributors. Interested in joining the jam where the sketchbook literally shows up at your doorstep? Then e-mail me at with your mailing address and I’ll put you on the list.

    Want to be the Member of the Week? Better your chances by uploading to your portfolio…

    Posted by Tim Leong on April 25th, 2005 filed in Story Archive |

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