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  • Meta:

    Image Submissions

    What Image Says:
    Image Comics accepts only PROPOSALS for new comic series (please read the numbered items below for what this means). We do not accept writing (that is plots, scripts, whatever), inking, penciling, lettering, or coloring samples. Image publishes ONLY creator owned/creator generated properties (what this means is that we do not hire writers, artists, letterers, colorists and hook them up with one another REGARDLESS how “good” you might be–we do NOT have the facilities for this. If ALL you can do is write–or draw–we cannot help you. DO NOT send your script, your plot, your pencil sketches, your cover paintings, etc.)

    A PROPOSAL should contain the following:
    1. A type-written cover letter with all contact information (name, e-mail address, address, phone and fax numbers) clearly printed on the TOP of the page. Introduce yourself. Please remember this is a job interview, politeness, professionalism, and spelling/punctuation count. We do not want to see your resume.

    2. A typed ONE PAGE synopsis of the over-all STORY. We DO NOT want a single-issue synopsis we want a synopsis of the entire series or story arc. As concisely and as succinctly as you are able, TELL US THE STORY, make us interested. Please avoid hyperbole – avoid questions as plot points (”what will Alex do when confronted with…?), etc. We are the PUBLISHER, not the audience–TELL US WHAT HAPPENS!

    3. Tell us whether you see it as a full color or a black and white book, a mini or on-going series, a Prestige book or an Original Graphic Novel. Explain why we (or anyone else) would be interested in this series. Tell us what sets it apart from other comics and who the target audience is (”Everyone” is NOT acceptable).

    4. 8 1/2″ x 11″ photocopies of fully INKED and LETTERED pages DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS OR OVERSIZED PHOTOCOPIES OR PACKAGES. How much? Five fully inked and lettered pages are MINIMUM! If you have MORE than 5 finished pages, fine. Five is the minimum we want to see. We want to READ it! (We believe comics should be read).

    5. Color is OPTIONAL. If you have a colorist and can provide color pages — great! This means you CAN send in colored pages you just don’t HAVE to (although, if you want a color book, it would be advisable).

    6. A cover mock-up (this lets us know whether or not you understand the market and gives us a good barometer on your design sense). Do not put the Image “i” on your mock-up — just give us your cover with a logo. NOTE: A good logo can be EASILY read from across the room. We DO make people change their logos OFTEN. Don’t be “fancy”–be CLEAR.

    DO NOT send character sketches/bios. DO NOT send script pages. DO NOT send pin-ups.


    Please do not try to “impress” us with all the deals you’ve lined up or testimonials from your Aunt Matilda. We are only interested in the comic.

    We are not looking for any specific genre or type of comic book—we are looking for comics that are well-written and well-drawn, by people who are dedicated and can meet deadlines.

    Finally, since Image Comics, Inc. owns no intellectual properties, you can be assured, accepted or not, your property will remain yours.

    Erik Larsen
    c/o Image Comics
    1942 University Ave.
    Suite 305
    Berkeley, CA 94704

    Posted by Tim Leong on February 13th, 2005 filed in Story Archive |

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