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  • Meta:

    Typos are Eternal

    When the solicitations for The Eternals first came out, I was quite happy. Neil Gaiman, John Romita, Todd Klein - they’re calling in all the big guns. I hadn’t read the original Kirby run so I came in fresh with an open mind. Everything was going great - good writing, good art…until all the typos starting popping up.

    The first one I noticed was in a tv screen about 10 pages in. It was from the TV show “It’s just so Sprite,” or whatever it’s called. It’s surrouned by a bunch of people who are even saying, “It’s just so Sprite.” BUT on the actual TV screen the title says: ITS just so Sprite, instead of IT’S just so Sprite. Very obvious.

    The second I spotted was less obvious, but wrong nonetheless. It also had to do with the Sprite show - on that same page it says the show is on the Tweeny network, but later in the book it’s called the Tweenie network.

    Now, I know these are just tiny little errors that hardly anyone noticed. And even if people did notice them it wouldn’t change the story. But for such a high profile book, why isn’t it being edited more closely? Who is (or isn’t) looking at this book before it goes to press?

    Posted by Tim Leong on June 22nd, 2006 filed in Blog |

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