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  • Meta:

    More on Scott Gramling, the new EIC at Wizard

    From the presser (real thoughts when I catch a free minute):

    Gramling's primary goal will be to continue building on the success ofWizard with eyes on growing the readership across all medium and seeking togain more of a market share in the pop culture category. 
    “It goes without saying that the Wizard brand is remarkably strong and has agreat track record. I’m a longtime admirer of the company and am veryexcited to be returning to the family,” said Gramling.
    Gramling returns to Wizard after 12 years, where he began as an associateeditor.  Since 2000 he served as Sections Editor, Deputy Editor andEditor-In-Chief at FHM, where he was also a frequent contributor to themagazine, conducting interviews with celebrity notables including AnnaKournikova, Shaquille O’Neal and Ozzy Osbourne.  Previously, he was theAssociate Editor of Sports Illustrated For Kids’ book division.  
    Posted by Tim Leong on February 21st, 2007 filed in Magazines, Blog |

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