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    Buy The Numbers: Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre #1

    By Marc Mason

    Coming May 31 from DC Comics

    Every month, I, Marc Mason, will put on my swami hat and attempt to determine what sort of sales numbers a particular comic will achieve. This month, I have turned my attention to “Infinite Crisis” spin-off “Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre,” or as it shall be known in this space, CATS.

    CATS is written by Will Pfeifer and drawn by Cliff Chiang. Fine creators, without a single felony arrest among them. While that assures them that their character won’t be hunting them down anytime soon, it doesn’t assure them of healthy sales. Let’s dig back into the past and take a look at some sales numbers from ICV2 that might give us a clue as to whether or not CATS will jump off the shelf… or sleep in the litter box.

    Sales for SPECTRE #27,
    the final issue of the Hal Jordan version of the character: 15,418
    Hal fans would eventually get what they really wanted, which was Jordan’s return to Green Lantern status.

    Sales for CATWOMAN #44,
    Pfeifer’s first issue at the helm of that title: 21,574
    Not Will’s fault; the book was bleeding readers after Ed Brubaker departed for Gulacy-less pastures.

    Sales for BEWARE THE CREEPER #1, which put Chiang’s marvelously underrated talents to excellent use: 18,421
    This actually pretty good for a third-tier character. Chiang’s work had to be part of the draw.

    Sales for GOTHAM CENTRAL #1,
    the series where we’d first get to know the new human host for the Spectre, Crispus Allen: 26,785
    God, but I miss this book already.

    Sales for GOTHAM CENTRAL #40, the final issue of the series, which leaves Allen’s murder unresolved and paves the way for him to become the Spectre: 18,373 . Allen’s death also caused Renee Montoya to leave the GCPD, and I suspect that by the end of 52, she’ll be the new Batgirl or something like that. But that’s just me speculating.

    Sales for DAY OF VENGEANCE #1, which saw the un-hosted Spectre attempt to wipe out all magic in the DCU: 64,856
    He killed Shazam, destroyed the Rock of Eternity, and got himself a little sumpin’ sumpin’ with the Jean Loring-hosted Eclipso. Raise your hand if “Eww.” Eww.

    Sales for OCEAN #1, the last series put out by DC to feature a bad-ass, bald, Black cop as its lead character: 22,551
    Oddity: Ocean? Set in space. British people are funny.

    Pfeifer and Chiang strike gold in that there Crisis Aftermath and have career best sales. My guess: 62,500. While the characters and creator have never been huge sales draws, everything “Infinite Crisis” has touched has turned to gold. Bringing together Bat-readers and magic fans draws together two strong fanbases, and the fact that the series only runs three issues means less of a financial commitment from the buyer. I smell a press release talking about how quickly CATS has sold out sometime in the near future. Much like napalm, “Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre” smells like victory.

    Posted by Tim Leong on May 4th, 2006 filed in Story Archive |

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