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  • Meta:

    Buy the Numbers: Avengers and Power Pack Assemble

    Coming April 19 from Marvel Comics

    Every month, I, Marc Mason, will put on my swami hat and attempt to determine what sort of sales numbers a particular comic will achieve. Our inaugural effort concerns the completely questionable publication and printing of “Avengers and Power Pack Assemble” #1.

    APPA (as I’m going to call it) is written by Marc Sumarek and drawn by Guriharu. Let’s take a gander at some approximated sales numbers from ICV2 as pertains to the project:

    Sales for “Ororo” #1 (Marvel), written by Sumarek: 26,372.
    Chalk it up to the X-Men connection, I guess.

    Sales for “Machine Teen” #1 (Marvel), written by Sumarek: 16,527.
    James Jean sure draws pretty, though.

    Sales for “Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius #1 (Marvel), co-written by Sumarek: 10,920.
    Bueller? Frye? A solid funny book okay for kids to read? Of course no one bought it. Comic fans make Marc sad.

    Sales for “Power Pack” #1 (Marvel), written by Sumarek and drawn by Guriharu: 14,221.
    Not bad for reviving a cult favorite from twenty years ago, especially with the kid protagonists.

    Sales for “X-Men/Power Pack” #1 (Marvel), written by Sumarek and drawn by Guriharu: 12,295.
    On the other hand, sometimes the X-Men connection means fuck-all. Crushingly disappointing numbers, considering adding the merry mutants sees sales drop.

    Sales for digest-sized trade paperbacks of the “Ororo,” “Machine Teen,” and “Power Pack” miniseries: who knows? None of those digests charted in the Top 100 in the month they were solicited, according to the ICV2 numbers. And since these series are supposedly published with the idea of getting good sales out of the digests, it makes you scratch your head. Like I need the added hair loss.

    Sales for the January, 2006 issue of “New Avengers,” (Marvel) written by some Bald Guy and drawn by a random “superstar” who can’t meet a deadline at gunpoint: 121,758.
    Yeah, because life is fair.

    THE SWAMI SAYS: adding the X-Men only dropped the numbers on the second series, and there’s no chance the addition of the Avengers will do anything for sales but send them spiraling. 10,225 is the magic number I see in my crystal ball, which is fantastic if you’re a color comic from an independent publisher, but from Marvel? Reason for teeth-gnashing. Those digests had better sell well in the bookstores, where the ICV2 numbers don’t count. Otherwise, I see indentured servitude in the creative team’s future, and much shiner floors at the Marvel offices.

    Posted by Tim Leong on April 30th, 2006 filed in Story Archive |

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