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  • Meta:

    Hulk-Out List!!!


    This has been making the rounds the past few days but I thought it was worth posting anyway. It’s a collection of every reason why Dr. David Banner Hulked-out on the classic Hulk TV show. They’re all pretty hilarious. A sampling:

    20. Dealing with a pesky operator in a phone booth (”I DON’T HAVE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS!!!”)

    28. Being placed in a dumpster by the two garbagemen who think he’s a thief, and who don’t believe him when he says “Hey! There are rats in here!”, and then being bitten by the rats to add injury to insult

    68. Being placed in a cage with an angry gorilla

    81. Being beaten up by the thieves and thrown in the store vault, having the vault door closed on his foot, and then having the air supply cut off by the giggling thieves

    90. Being hit by a car and knocked twenty feet so that he tumbles down a conveniently open manhole

    Posted by Tim Leong on January 28th, 2008 filed in Blog |

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