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  • Meta:

    Superheroes and Hip Hop

    My boy DJ Treats sent me this interesting post from XXL Magazine about superheroes and hip hop:

    The future of Hip-Hop is Super Hero Rap. This sub-genre has been quietly bubbling under the surface of mainstream rap but too many people have been afraid to embrace the movement for fear of releasing their latent nerditry. Now that Nerd Rap has proven itself a feasible sub-genre for Hip-Hop it is high time for the greatest nerd rap acts to claim their mainstream mantle. Those that aren’t already at the top.

    The post goes on to liken different rappers to superheroes, including Ant-Man, The Blob and War Machine. Definitely worth a look-see.

    Posted by Tim Leong on January 25th, 2008 filed in Blog, Music |

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