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  • Meta:

    Comic Foundry at the New York Anime Festival

    This past weekend Comic Foundry braved the cold and our incomplete knowledge about manga to journey to the New York Anime Festival. To sum up the show in a single word: Fun.

    Everyone was having so much fun. The vendors. The attendees. The media. The goth lolita brides. Everyone. The average attendee age was much lower than I was used to seeing. Out with the old curmudgeons, in with the hyperactive teens running around. Literally. You know when you were in high school and you got to go on an out-of-town field trip for Model UN or for band or some other club (what up, high school Journalism Education Association)? And there were no parents and you’re around all these other people with the same interests and you just cut loose? That is what it was like. Kids just enjoying what they love. Very refreshing to see.

    Also, the cosplay was much stronger here than at general comics shows. Usually you see a few costumes here or there, but you could not turn your head without seeing someone dressed up. Yes, I realize it was part of the Cosplay World Summit, but still, the participation was much stronger. It was a bit unexpected to see people cosplay as yaoi characters though. And no, to the person that asked: I was not dressed up as the guy from that anime who grew claws and ripped his own face off. Sorry.

    Another great part? The food. This convention had the best in-con food selection that I’ve seen. I can still smell those waffles.

    In short, the convention made me wish I read more manga. Which is why I stocked up on a bag full of reading material while I was there at an aptly titled booth called, Cheap Manga (as in price, not quality. Though I’m yet to read the books so we’ll see…)

    Posted by Tim Leong on December 10th, 2007 filed in Conventions, Blog |

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