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  • Meta:

    Buffy Sing-A-Long Shutdown

    The famed Buffy Sing-A-Long that has been going on in New York and L.A. (and recently Columbus and St. Louis) is dead.

    Sad news today: Buffy (and all other Fox TV shows) have been pulled from theatrical distribution. Criterion Pictures notified me last night that Fox has pulled the license for ALL their TV shows from theatrical exhibition. This is effective immediately, and of course includes Buffy and “Once More With Feeling”. This means that we have to cancel all upcoming bookings of the Buffy Musical production. “

    In the ongoing performances they screened the Once More With Feeling episode of Buffy while fans sang a long to the music. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with vampires.

    Whedon supporters are trying to resurrect the performance (someone get them an urn of Osiris, stat!) through web petitions. You can sign it here.

    Posted by Tim Leong on October 15th, 2007 filed in Movies, Blog, Music, Lifestyle |

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