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    So, I’ve got some news. Diamond has chosen not to carry Comic Foundry Magazine. This, as you might guess, is quite bad.

    What are you talking about?
    Many of you know that for the past six months or so, we’ve been working on creating a new comics magazine. It’d feature brand new concepts, ideas, formats and presentations, to help breathe life to something fresh and exciting. I want to find new ways to cover comics and create something the readers deserve.

    What does being rejected mean?
    Well, it means we’re almost all dressed up with no place to go. We’ve got no way to get from here to there. For those not familiar with the process, Diamond puts out a PREVIEWS catalog that goes to every comic store. I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s from this catalog that comics stores order their stock of books and magazines. You have to apply to be in said catalog, and alas, we were rejected.

    Why was the magazine rejected?
    According to Diamond: “a B&W title at the price you’re using just won’t work well in the current market we believe.” Fact: our cover price is $6.25 for an 80-page B&W magazine. Now they might not think that will sell, but it isn’t consistent with what they’re already approving. Such as Issue 14 of Draw! magazine, that’s 80 pages, B&W and retails for $6.95. Same with issue 15 of Write Now! Both same specs, but 70 cents more.

    I called Diamond for more clarification and spoke with Tim Huckelbery, who let me know the news in the first place. He said, among other things, “When I was looking though it and reading a magazine of that type, which is about comics, which has lots of images of comics characters, that is looking to be timely and topical, I was expecting color. That, just for me, is how my brain is wired.” So, to be a timely magazine with topical content (and feature images of comic characters) it has to be in color? I’m sorry, I’ve thought about this all afternoon, and I don’t really see how this makes sense. What about The Comics Journal or Comics Buyers Guide? Neither of those are full-color, right?

    Where does that leave Comic Foundry Magazine?
    Up the creek, sans paddle. Diamond is the major distributor in comics. Without being in Previews means a serious hurt in circulation. Can the magazine survive without Diamond? I certainly hope so. I’ve got a will, I’m just looking for a way.

    Please we want to help. What can we do?
    If you believe in Comic Foundry, or you want to see a new comics magazine on the market, or you are ready for new ideas and a fresh take on things, now is your chance to be heard. If you want to help, please write to Diamond to tell them you support Comic Foundry Magazine and want to see it in their Previews catalog. If you’re like me and this is something you believe in, we have a rare opportunity to not only be heard, but to make a difference. Click to write to Diamond’s Tim Huckelbery.

    Posted by Tim Leong on May 30th, 2007 filed in Blog |

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